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Friday, August 16, 2013

First Look: Hot Wheels "Hot Wheels High" School Bus & Mig Rig recolor...

This post is purely a public service.  Or it is just a reminder that Hot Wheels are ultimately for kids.

Because these two models are being posted here just to satisfy your curiosity.  The Lamley Group likes to celebrate mini versions of great cars, new and old, but occasionally we will put that aside and take a few pics of a couple of curiosities.

And here we have a recolor of the Mig Rig (which I think looks better here in white, for what it is worth), and a bus that would get my kids to school quickly if it didn't kill them first.

So, you guys don't care what I have to say about these two, so you can look at the photos.

Oh, and Mattel appears to have a hardon for crazy buses.  Which to you like better?  Matchbox's 4x4 bus or Hot Wheels' jet bus?

Matchbox (coming 2014):

Hot Wheels:

Alright, let's solve the vital best bus mystery and have a nice weekend...

(Want Batch P?  It is on ebay...)

Hot Wheels Hot Wheels High & Mig Rig recolor (2013 New Models):


  1. Hello! What's up with the new ambassador of matchbox that stopped giving news?
    Best regards

  2. The Matchbox one is going to be one cool looking bus. I like the Hot Wheels one(haven't seen yet in my area), but it looks a little weird with the slightly curved body. I see some customs in the future with those engines though.

  3. The School Busted and the Surfin' School Bus are great crazy models. This one sucks.

  4. That Hot Wheels bus is one fugly mofo. The Mig Rig is so cool though. And I agree, it looks better in white.

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  6. Hey Sou do Brasil gostei dos dois carrinhos eu tenho o Mig Rig vou ver sé tem o outro nas loja aqui do meu país!(Obrigado Caras) Thanks Guys!