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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch F, including the gorgeous Ferris Bueller Ferrari California, is now out at Wheel Collectors...

This is the batch we've been waiting for.

Matt at Wheel Collectors has just let us know that the highly anticipated Ferrari 250 California from the Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment series has arrived, along with the rest of Batch F.  The California is a brand new tool, and from what I have seen one of the best looking Ferraris Hot Wheels has ever done.  And the rest of the batch ain't too shabby either.  Another Italian Job Mini, the Simon & Simon IROC Camaro, the '58 Impala from American Graffiti, and the '48 Ford from Grease (which is also a new tool).

Follow the link below to see all the models, and grab that Ferrari before it is gone.  (And be sure to mention Lamley to get a 10% discount.)

Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment Batch F

Wheel Collectors also got several other new sets in today as well.  Follow the links to check them out:

Hot Wheels Entertainment Series Muppets

Hot Wheels Monster Jam 2013 N Case


  1. I have to agree with you that the Ferrari is one of the most good looking Ferrari casting ever done by HotWheels.

  2. Still no Smokey & the Bandit Kenworth? Must be in the very last mix.

  3. Mr. John, I can't wait till you get your hands on that Ferrari. I'm pretty stoked to see them beauty shots!

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