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Friday, August 2, 2013

Just (Truly, Officially, and Splendidly) Unveiled: The Hot Wheels Datsun 620 by Japanese Nostalgic Car...

Just as we suspected, our good friends at Japanese Nostalgic Car have been sitting on this tasty Hot Wheels secret for awhile, and sure enough they have officially unveiled the Datsun 620.  There are privileges awarded when your logo sports a Hot Wheels model, including early examples fresh out of the factory.

Follow this link to see far better photographs of this beauty than the grainy photos we posted yesterday.

Oh, and read to the end.  They tantalizingly tease about the 2014 Hot Wheels lineup...


  1. The Flying Customs would fare better if the paint jobs weren't so garish. Also, they're mostly mainline castings with different paint and cost 2.5 times more.

  2. Very nice little truck, I'll look for it surely.
    And I'm glad to see the yellow strip is back to the First Editions models' cards.