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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Just Unveiled: 2014 Hot Wheels Datsun 620 Pickup...

Now this is a fun one.

A little perusal of the world wide web has yielded a bit of news that is bound to excite a few of you.  You can bet your arse that it excites us.

News has just broken, and grainy pics have appeared, that confirm that one of the upcoming new models in the 2014 Hot Wheels mainline is yet another JDM gem, the Datsun 620 Pickup.  It seems that Hot Wheels' commitment to signature Japanese rides continues, and this is a fantastic choice.

The truck appears to be stock height, and carries details that scream another Jun Imai creation, highlighted by the fantastic and utterly familiar "DATSUN" decorating the tailgate.  And if you look closely, that appears to be the Japanese Nostalgic Car logo on the rear panel.  Considering JNC usually has preview examples of the models bearing their logo, I would imagine we will see far better quality pics on their site soon.

So the JDM love continues.  AE86, 240Z, Bluebird, Hakosuka, Kenmeri, RX-7, 510 Wagon, Celica, 2000GT, and now the 620.  2014 appears to be off to a great start...


  1. Great, after TOMICA #42-1 HK and Japan | TOMICA LIMITED 0080 | TOMICA LIMITED VINTAGE LV-15
    make Datsun truck / pick up,
    and now the turn for Hot Wheels --- to follow :)


  2. yaaaahhhh!!! What an awesome casting! Love these trucks! Looks to be super well done, too. Oh, how awesome!

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  4. steering wheel on the left so it's not for the japan market.

  5. WOW!!!! Now that is HOT!!!! I do want! Will have to get several when they hit the pegs.

    My dad bought one of these when I was a kid, didn't have it long cause dad got orders to move the family to Okinawa (dad was in the Air Force) had to sell it, when we got to Okinawa he bought a Subaru 360 Sambar (Micro Van). Would be HOT if Hotwheels could come out with a 360 Sambar Van.

    1. Tomica released one in their Limited Vintage series

  6. AHHHHHHHH!!!! I have that truck! real life scale! Very awesome news. Thanks Lamley!

  7. Damn Hot Wheels, you're on a roll!

  8. Wow, a truck that isn't lowered with crazy designs, picking that up for sure ;)

  9. Well theres another reason not to stop collecting HWs next year they make withdrawal from this addiction really hard ;)

  10. I have to admit, that truck is pretty clean! I think I might have to buy at least one.