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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Model of the Day: Kyosho Mazda 787B (1991 Winner - 24 Hours of Le Mans)...

Alright class, put your books away.  Time for some filmstrips.

Instead of writing a full history of why this new Kyosho model is so cool, we will first let you watch this short clip:

And that rotary roar, beside sounding so...uh...dramatic, actually produced a legendary car.  In 1991, it became the first Japanese car to win Le Mans, as well as the only rotary-powered engine to take the honor:

See?  You didn't need my rambling writing today.  If you didn't know the significance of this car, now you do, and you can see why it is great to have such a perfect miniature version made by Kyosho.

(You can find the 787B at Daboxtoys or on ebay...)

Kyosho Mazda 787B:


  1. I have that one too. It may interest you to know that it's a re-release. Kyosho made the 1/64 787B casting in the Beads Collection in the past.

    1. It's all about the Beads. Sadly I only have the efini.

  2. I have the Tomica version, bought it years ago without knowing its significant history

  3. I have it, and at $35 it's the most I have ever paid for a 1/64, and worth every penny. My favorite 1:1 race car and my favorite piece in my collection.