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Monday, September 16, 2013

Early First Look: A neat little detail in the new Hot Wheels 2014 COPO Camaro...

We like to do First Looks on new models once we have them in hand, but here is an exception.

An exception because A) this Lamley friend takes great photographs, and B) there is a little secret about this model that is pretty cool, and it is something we would not have caught.

One of our good friends over at Camaro Garage on Facebook found Hot Wheels 2014 Batch A in Jakarta, Indonesia, and it might be no secret, based on his Facebook page, what model he picked up.  Actually, he picked up two, the extra being for customizing.

When opening the model, he found a neat little detail only our customizing friends would find.  It is pictured below, along with all his pics.  I assume it is required by Chevrolet as part of the licensing agreement, but it makes for a cool little secret.

Enjoy the pics, and thanks to Camaro Garage for sharing...

(And look, you can find the new COPO on ebay......)

(the secret under the hood)

(wheel swap)


  1. That is a neat little detail. But i was expecting something more along the lines of something similar to the molded engine on the 64 Ford Galaxie, hehe.

    I was unsure if I'd snag this when I found one. These pics convinced me to get one.


  2. Those front wheels are the ugliest things, geez...

  3. Very nice car, and a nifty little detail was not expecting that! And I must add, that is some clean drilling! That might go unnoticed by most, but as a customizer that catches my eye.

  4. Those front wheels are SK5 Skinny wheels amd they look better on a 1/4 Mile Coupe or maybe a Surf Crate, but I agree, they don't have the same impact on this late model vehicle. At least they're black!
    I too wish my rivets came out like that! I've gotta experiment more with the right bit and a steady hand!
    I'm diggin the revised example with the rally wheels.
    Funny, but I see more examples (like the Camaro above) where the custom looks better compared to HW's produced version because HW's will use wheels of either the wrong color, style or combination. Go figure!

  5. yeah!awesome one it is!i have three on shorts! one opened an thinking about custom as your s but with other type of wheels! keep up the good work Lamleys!!!

  6. I like it better with 10 SP wheels. The look better in those types.

  7. This detail came from the designer of this casting (Brendon Vetuskey)

  8. I hate to bring up the past but last night I was looking through my carded collection and this model is a 2014 COPO Camaro and the red one that came out the same year is a 2013 COPO Camaro. Check it out if you get a chance. You have a couple post that reflect this. Why would this have happened?