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Monday, September 23, 2013

More news on Hot Wheels 2014, including the Civic EF and Aston Martin DB5 carded, a new Mad Manga, and the return of Then & Now...

This is the time of year that news comes quickly, and as collectors worldwide start finding 2014 models from Hot Wheels, we can start getting a sense of what to expect.  So let's forgo any pleasantries and get on with the news:

We start with two 2014 New Models that have generated a lot of excitement.  Our perusal of social media has revealed the Aston Martin DB5 and Honda Civic EF on their cards.  We now know that the Civic is a 1990, although I don't know what makes it so.  That is a question I will have to ask Ryu Asada this weekend if I encounter him at the convention.

Next, what appears to be the Year of JDM at Hot Wheels produces another gem.  Mad Manga fans can get their bosozoku on with a new deco for 2014, this one in fantastic Falken racing livery:

Lastly, some more preview pics from Batch A from our friends at Camaro Garage.  We were excited to learn that the Then & Now series will continue into 2014.  The brand new COPO Camaro is shown on the back of its card to be (what we assume) the "Now" of a Then & Now pairing.  Could the '68 COPO be the "Then"?

They also send the best pics we have seen so far of the 2014 deco on the DeLorean.  We don't know if the design is based on anything real, but it does work extremely well:

Yeah, all random bits, but since we enjoyed Then & Now immensely in 2013, can't deny the utter coolness of a classic Aston in BRG, and because we are unapologetically JDM nerds, we will take it all.


  1. What convention is this weekend? I'm out of the loop on the Hot Wheels convention stuff..

  2. The look of that Aston is too cool for me. This is going to be added to my collection. I just can't wait!!!

  3. The DB5 is so gorgeous. I want to add this with my DB4 Zagato.

  4. Why isn't the Aston Martin in the Matchbox line? And why are they reissuing the Mad Manga, that was a massive shelf warmer..

  5. The wheels on that Aston are a horror show. Must be fixed.

  6. Lol. Those bosozoku cars have always looked so strange to me!

  7. Never seen the DB5 but I like it.

  8. Can you tell us whether or not the back hatch on the DeLorean opens? It didn't on the first (silver) release, but did on both the black and gold releases.

    1. If anybody was wondering, the current release of the DeLorean does indeed open.

  9. I will have at least one for sale soon. They are such nice cars.