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Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Ferrari 458 Italia...

I have written enough about how Ferrari is back.  Someone decided a few years ago that Ferraris didn't have to look ugly, and the 25-year nightmare finally ended.  Ferraris used to be the best-performing AND best-looking cars on the planet (i.e. 1960's), but sometime after Magnum PI they decided that they could put any eye-gouger on the road as long as it was painted red.  All those years were lost, but Ferrari brought back the gorgeous curves with the Italia.  Now we have the FF (yes, I love the FF), the F12 Berlinetta, and the California to tickle our fancy.  Even the mean machines like the 599XX and LaFerrari are pleasant on the eyes.

But back to the 458 Italia.  I still think Aston Martins are the most beautiful of all current cars, but the Italia might trump even them.  It will always be a showstopper, and to me already an iconic Ferrari.  And for us diecast nerds we have to be happy that Hot Wheels has such a good relationship with Ferrari that we essentially get a mini version of every Ferrari that is released (While I know nothing, I have to assume we will see a LaFerrari in the range in 2014), and that includes two versions of the Italia.

The only problem is that sometimes Hot Wheels gets a little too happy with the large rear wheels, and it can throw the overall look off just a tad.  That is the case with their 458.  The proportions are a bit off with the large rear wheels.  Yes, the rear wheel on the real 458 is slightly larger, but by as much as is represented on the Hot Wheels.  Still, that is a minor complaint, and I have enjoyed collecting this model, in both hardtop and topless forms.

And now we have a new version of the hardtop for 2014.  It is black, it is sharp-looking, and it has a side stripe that makes the large rear wheel look even larger.  To the eye, everything slopes to the front, making it look a bit more exaggerated.  Again, minor complaint.  

All you have to do is photograph it at the right angle.  And when you look at the angle we used when showing all versions of the Italias below, you will see what that angle is.  Pretty, ain't they?

A couple of comments:
  1. I wonder if this deco is anything like the Speed Machine release of the 458 that never happened.  The 458 and Aston DBS were slated to be the final models of the Speed Machines line, but it was cancelled before they were produced.  From what I remember, the 458 was supposed to be black.  Maybe a Mattel designer can answer that.
  2. While I like this black version, my favorites remain the white hardtop with Italian colors on the side (perfect wheels too), and the blue Spider with trap5 wheels.  That blue is beautiful.
Your favorite?

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  1. That thing looks freaking sweet in black.

    I must agree though, as a Ferrari collector I always felt that big wheels are a little too much. The vast majority of them are better suited to the smaller wheels in the back. However, cars like the 458 are able to pull off the big wheel look as well. I actually like some cars of the 90's, such as the 348 and the F355. Indeed, the early 2000's had a little downturn with the Enzo and the 612, as far as design is concerned. But ever since the 458 came out Pininfarina was back in business for a hot minute (until they brought out the FF, but that's just my opinion).

    But at any rate, the 458 is still a car that I am proud to collect, because like any prancing horse it possesses so many seductive qualities that you can only find in very few other vehicles. To acquire the real McCoy, I'm hoping that either my rap career can take off, or win the Powerball. Nevertheless, I am rather content with copping them for $1 at my local Walmart.

  2. The 458 again. I like this casting. But none of the castings have no rear tempos except the target exclusive.

    Are they making the F12 birlinetta again this year?

    Anyway, are they making new Ferraris or decolors of Ferraris this year?
    2014 Ferrari LaFerrari? Have you seen it on google images/ It's an awesome Ferrari.

    But DUH, who cares of the F50? The F50 is one of my favorite 90'S Ferrari. Hot wheels is gonna have to decide lots of models for 2014... I guess, maybe...
    But did you know already or you know already, the 458 is a comparative supercar with the Lamborghini Gallardo??? They are really supposed to be comparative supercars.

    But, again, that Ferrari, I REALLY NEED TO COLLECT (not on e-bay) THIS CASTING!!!

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Oh, yay! Guess what? I just went on T Hunted and saw that the LaFerrari is in the 2014 Mainline!