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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lamley News: Attention UK Matchbox collectors - ROW Batch K (including the first images of the Police Ford Explorer) is hitting Tesco...

From David Tilley:

Just a quick note to let you know that the next ROW batch is now starting to surface in the UK. I picked up 9 new additions to my collection, and left the orange Oshkosh behind. Four of the models are already out on US long card, but the other 6 (including that Oshkosh) are new in the basic range completely (although that Oshkosh is in a 5-pack already, hence why I left it).

The batch is dated F34. Considering we only just received ROW batch H dated F29, then batch J dated F31, I am surprised to see the next batch out so quickly. Not that I am complaining.

Of course I may actually be missing a model or 2 (or more), as the batch looked to not all be there when I arrived. So there are at least 10 new additions in total (9 2013s, and the Challenger 2012), and hopefully I will find more and confirm if 10 is it, or if there are more.


  1. I also found this assortment In a local supermarket in Adelaide, Australia. I only pick up the Minis but I might have to go back and have a good look at the rest. Graeme.

  2. WHOO HOO!!! Everyone's going to sat that the Ford is already in a police version. But how about the tempos? But anyways, I wanted the design in it's original design saying "POLICE INTERCEPTOR" just like want I really wanted on the Dodge Pursuit. The Ford Taurus police is fine this tear but within the rear tempos, no rear tempos. That's it for now.

  3. Does anyone know the scale of the dodge charger police?

    1. 1:69.


    2. thank you very much