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Friday, October 18, 2013

Lamley News & Rumors: October 18, 2013...

Every week we will try to recap some of interesting tidbits and rumors we have heard in the diecast world:

- The big news in the Hot Wheels world is the announcement that the RLC-exclusive Drag Dairy all gussied up for the holiday season goes on sale this Tuesday.  Only 4000 made, and a new popular casting.  We'll call it a 3-minute sellout.

- HW Batch B is overseas, so is bound to hit dealers soon.  Herbie, Aston, Sandblaster Super.  Keep your eyes peeled...

- This may be the year of the Honda.  We already know about the Civic EF, but we are hearing rumors that the S2000 will return in 2014, as will the CR-X.  The CR-X tool has been modified, and they will debut with this version.

- More JDM rumors: 2014 might see a new version of the '70 Celica with racing livery, as well as a new deco for the R34 Skyline, this time with a metal spoiler.

- Others to look forward to: Mini Challenge, '70 Camaro. 

- Maybe our favorite tidbit, the first image of the upcoming Tomica Limited Vintage car transporter.  Highly detailed and it comes with 5 matching cars.  Stupendous:

- Next week on Lamley: HW Sandblaster Super, the large & small of Tomica Limited Vintage, and the winners of the police custom contest.  Stay tuned...


  1. Another Hot Wheels delivery.... hooraa, wait, I actually see something exciting!

    That Tomica Limited Vintage car transporter looks awesome, I love the colors on the truck cab, though that car riding on the back... and it's color... while surely period correct it has so much more potential!

    Perhaps I will obtain that, sell off the beige imposters and replace them with the Tomica Limited Vintage Nissan Be-1! (also LV-N40 on the box) I only bought the red variant while in Japan but surely would have bought 1 of each color with it's cool retractable soft-top sunroof. Look up the model if you're unfamiliar. I feel it embodies the quintessential quirky Japanese car.


    1. The TL hauler is SWEET! That's a must have for us truck collectors.

  2. Great news! Will be on the lookout for the new Hot Wheels, especially the CR-X and the Skyline. Thanks for the update!

    - Black Wind.

  3. According to the official TLV website, the TLV Transporter will NOT come with 5 vehicles. I repeat, it will NOT come with the 5 vehicles as seen in the photo.

    I've seen some other photos which show another cab in a different color - not sure if it will be with or without a trailer.

    1. BTW - the green cab is LV-N89A (release date Feb 2014) and the other cab is listed as LV-N90A (release date March 2014). Additional photos from a recent toy show can be seen on the Kidbox site:

    2. Thanks for the additional info, and research! Now I won't have to deal with the 5 identical cars! That second cab color looks great too, and it's nice to see a photo of the transport trailer in a different position.

      Do you know if the dark red sedan, which is also seen in blue and then together in a photo in silver and black is an American Chevrolet Caprice Classic? My translating abilities are non-existent... if it is I need to find 1 of each as soon as they're released!

    3. If you are asking about the slightly deformed cars, those are Choro-Q Zero and they are of a Nissan President.

    4. Yep, thanks for the info, you know your Japanese autos well!

  4. Fingers crossed the new CRX has a one-piece body. Seems likely.