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Friday, October 4, 2013

Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Modern Classics '07 Ford Mustang...

The fun of blogging:

I am in my car, it is Friday afternoon, and I would have probably typed a novel about this model had I been home.

But alas, I only have an iPhone to accompany me, but this model is so darn good looking and it photographs so well I probably don't need to say much about it.

But this is the first version of the Jun Imai-designed Mustang that has gotten a lot of attention lately.  A Super in 2013 AND 2014 will get some attention, so here is a look at its spectacular, but somewhat overlooked, debut.

Enjoy while I go put some gas in my car...

(Find the '07 Mustang and the Modern Classics on ebay...)

Hot Wheels '07 Ford Mustang (2008 Modern Classics):


  1. You should at least use the magic word ... PLEASE!
    That's what I tell my child, or even other kid's when they want something and I tell them to use that magic word. Maybe when you produce your own blog, you can post something everyday. Good day!
    Take your time John.

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  3. Now this is what you call cool. I actually prefer this over the new 2010+ Mustangs (except just the Super Snake and Laguna Seca). I have the black with red stripes version from the Modern Muscle 5-pack and I'm still hunting for the 2013 green TH.

    - Black Wind.

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