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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Model of the Day: Hot Wheels Pop Culture Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus...

Yeah there is a on this bus.  It is a classic scary character, licensed by someone, but that is not why this model is being featured.  In fact you may have noticed we don't showcase a lot of Pop Culture Hot Wheels.  There is no doubt they are cool, but they fall way more in line with "collectible" than "minicars".  We are a "minicar" site, that occasionally forays into Jetson car territory.

But we have never shown this casting before.  In fact, this casting has barely been used.  It is a shame that it hasn't been used more, especially since the T1 Panel in a real VW livery would be such a hit.  So far it has be gussied up in both Reese's Pieces and Wolfman attire.

But this appears to be a model built for Pop Culture.  Lots of real estate for Pop Culture decos, and a nice heavy model.  So instead of waiting for the possibility of a more real looking version, why don't we use the Wolfman to show how great this casting is...

While the Drag Bus is an icon, and the Kool Kombi crazy cute, this T1 nicely falls in the middle.  Yes, its stance is a little exaggerated, but it works well.  In fact, I would love to see this one in a premium, full-sided deco looking like an old, rusty, crazy-slammed Bus.  Yummy.

(Find the T1 Panel on ebay...)

Hot Wheels Volkswagen T1 Panel Bus (2013 Pop Culture):

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  1. love to have it just for custom full wrap by M3 add the deep dish steelies and its mega-bomb :)