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Sunday, November 3, 2013

As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending November 2nd, 2013...

Sometimes when we sit down to go through all the customs that have been sent in, the first question will be "do we have enough quality customs to feature?".  We always do.  What a great week this week.  And we say that every week.

One thing we are noticing.  The photos are getting fantastic.  The quality and creativity of many of your photos is amazing.  Good photography is a great way to get featured.  We are actually considering a photo contest in place of our next custom contest.  We will keep you updated...

Be sure to submit your customs by way of email (, our Facebook page, or Instagram (hashtag your photo #lamleycustoms) to ensure that we will see them.


@i_d_r - Instagram

Ahmed's Dad (yes, that is how this was submitted) -

figures armours

Brujo -

@5pudly - Instagram

Ridzuan Norhan

Tóth András

Cano -

Balázs Kisgyörgy

Mack N Chiz

Putera Terbuang

Angel -

Hermawan Wijaya

Joey's Custom Cars

Laszlo Toth

@gr8_mini - Instagram

@d3nster - Instagram

@Achieles - Instagram

Tom B



  1. Thanks for the inclusion again(5pudly) I agree, lots of great ones again.

  2. Love those well-worn Lamborghinis. Especially the Espada. Matchbox, (or Hot Wheels) needs to make an Espada.

    1. (chanting) Matchbox Espada, Espada, Espada! I have wanted the 1:18 Lamborghini Espada for years!

      Espada in the mountains of Europe? If you haven't seen it yet:

  3. The BRE Datsun 620 Pickup? That's an awesome custom. Also the Coca-Cola backround VW 2012 beetle.

  4. WHY is there a TRD logo on the Lamborghini Diablo??? It's nice, but WHY?

  5. Why make all these BRE cars that never existed? I just don't get it?