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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Lamley News: The first batch of Matchbox 2014 models is out in China...

I quick pop-in to show this photo passed along to us by one our Lamley friends.  Apparently a friend of his in China was able to buy these models from an online dealer in China:

This could very well be 2014 Batch A, but we won't entirely know until we see what shows up in the US.

We can see at least two models for 2014 in the photo - the Bulldozer on the top row, and the International Scout in purple.  The majority are 2013 models in 2014 packaging.  We get a better glimpse at the card art as well, and I think most would agree it is nice to see the Matchbox Lozenge back.

It should only be a matter of time before other markets see these models.  Keep your eyes open...


  1. HEY! Some cars aren't 2014 batch A cars, except the Monaco and the Scout.

  2. Okay. 'On a Mission"? God, this new line reminds me of "Hero City" From 2004. That's a good thing.

  3. oh wow I seen all of these at toys r us in Burlington Ontario last week I remember that fire truck

  4. The cards scream Hero City, but they end up in the garbage either way. Too bad I still haven't found the last 2 waves of 2013 yet! And Hot Wheels is almost 4 waves into 2014.