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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Surprise! Hot Wheels 2014 Batch C, including the Alfa 8C, Civic EF, and Porsche Panamera, is now out at Wheel Collectors...

Days like this are fun...

In a surprise late delivery today, Fedex dropped off Hot Wheels 2014 Batch C at Wheel Collectors.  As far as we know, this is the first we have seen of the full batch, and it is a gem.

The highly anticipated Civic EF, Alfa Romeo 8C, and Porsche Panamera are all in this batch, as well as a whole slew of goodies.

Follow the link below to see all in the batch, and grab what you want.  (And be sure to mention Lamley for 10% off your order...)

Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF

Hot Wheels Porsche Panamera

Hot Wheels Alfa Romeo 8C

Hot Wheels 2014 Batch C




  1. I loooooove Alfas...It's about high time Hot Wheel put one out in its line-up. The 8C is one of the sexiest cars ever made, so, good choice!

  2. I found the Alfa 8C, Porsche Panamera, AE86, blue Tundra, and Camaro at Hobbytown today. No Civic, but then found it in a 9 pack at Walmart. The Alfa is fantastic, I've been waiting on the 8C ever since it got dropped from the Speed Machines line.

    1. Hobbytown? The last time I went to Hobbytown, they hadn't stocked up since 2010. I guess it doesn't hurt to look again.

    2. Each Hobbytown is independently owned so it might vary but worth checking out. The Hobbytown in Fort Worth and Arlington both carry new stuff and always get it well before the big box stores, but there's another in a Fort Worth suburb that doesn't carry any new ones, but they do sell collections they buy so its nice to find old stuff at that one.

  3. Man, I want that 8C so bad!

    In the worst way!

  4. I want that 8c! Even the Camaro, Porsche Panamera, Toyota, and the Civic! Those will be collectables for my collection.

  5. When are you doing the 'First Look" on the Alfa Romeo 8c and other models from batch C?