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Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Diecast Photos of John Falk: Hot Wheels Nostalgia Pop Culture General Mills...

Here is a feature we have been excited to show.  

It won't surprise any of you that diecast photography puts a hop in our step.  Anytime a little creativity can creep into this hobby, we are all about it.  Whether that be customizing, writing, or in John Falk's case, photography, we want to celebrate it here. 

So today we feature the excellent photography of John Falk.  John has taken the most literal interpretation you can of Hot Wheels General Mills series, and created a truly unique pictorial. 

And yes, don't think a few of these photos hearken back to the joy of pulling a Hot Wheels or Matchbox from a cereal box.  We need that again.  None of the Proof of Purchase shite.  Just the car.  In a box.  Covered in cereal dust.  Oh, those were the days...

Got lost in a dream.  Sorry.

Enjoy John's photos.  There will be more...

(Thanks John.)


  1. Food brands? Seriously!?

  2. I am thrilled to contribute these photo's. I love being creative with my photography and this has been a way to have fun with these great cars. I have seen so much great photography on this site and I am pleased to be able to share my take on these nostalgia series cars.

  3. Great idea. The taco and cinnamon roll ones are my favorites.

  4. It makes me hungry!

  5. I wish I had some of those cinnamon rolls, boy.

    Also, you can never underestimate the addictive power of Totino's pizza. When you think you're too good for it, you'd be throwing down three boxes before you know it.