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Sunday, December 15, 2013

As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending December 14, 2013...

Hmmm, I wonder what the hot custom is right now...

We love it.

As always, be sure to submit your customs by way of email (, our Facebook page, or Instagram (hashtag your photo #lamleycustoms) to ensure that we will see them.


@blistercards - Instagram

@i_d_r - Instagram

@mrsenctvt - Instagram

@towiilopez - Instagram

@78toy4dr - Instagram

@satwikanarendra - Instagram

@kulitgosong - Instagram


@rusty_orange - Instagram


Melvin T

Leo's Trash Cars


Matthew Turner

Hugo Guillen - Japan Hot Wheels Custom Association

Joel Presto

@ideadwalk_coastin - Instagram

Tuan Muda Hairi

@babythai206 - Instagram

Radite Diecast

@CMZEZZO - Instagram

@alamazan_hw - Instagram

Christian Beltran

Dusan Vukadinov - Instagram


  1. How come I see a 2014 Hot Wheels Honda Civic EF with Greenlight Ford tools?

    Anyways, I like @Blistercard Instagram's DMC DeLorean. Also Jahananigans' Ferrari F12birlinetta, Dusan Vukadinov Instagram's Toyota Supra, and @I_d_r instagram's Toyota Celica.

    This is one weird custom day hahahaha... but nice custom post! : )

  2. My favorite is the purple EF on Hot Ones rims. Perfect stance.

    1. Mine too. I stared at him for a while. Also the 620 Datsuns with the custom cages!

  3. FYI, that is my berlinetta, if anybody was wondering. I just forgot to send it in my username that I use here.

    1. That's your F12birlinetta? I never knew you did it! But that's a nice Ferrari f12birlinetta though. I like it.

  4. Rear tires too fat for that McLaren and 458.

  5. That big cage in the datsun 620 is exactly how whe use it in our ranch! And also there is a good work inserting the tire in the back of the VW bus, but... how will I reach the motor? Weird

    Very good jobs this week.