Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blue Light Special! Hot Wheels Datsun 620 in blue, BMW E30 M3 in white are Kmart exclusives...

Well this was unexpected...

Only a couple of weeks ago we were raving about the upcoming Hot Wheels Batch F, with all of its vehicular goodness.  Supras, 2000GT's, Ferraris, Porsche 993's, Gran Torinos, Scion FR-S's, PLUS recolors on the Datsun 620 and BMW E30.  That is a who's who of the Lamley collection.  Batch F is the bee's knees.

Well that is still true.  Sort of.  It is true if you are in the US and have access to a Kmart.

All those cars are coming in Batch F, but the blue Datsun 620 and Alpine white BMW E30 will only be found at Kmart as part of their Collector Day Event, simply dubbed "Kdays" by collectors.  The event is Saturday, February 15th, and all the details can be found here.

As expected we have mixed feelings about this.  Thinking selfishly, there is a Kmart near the Lamley Campus (hehehe) so we will surely be able to get a few.  We also are happy to see Kmart and Mattel collaborate on some great exclusives.  For us and many of our readers at least, the Datsun and BMW exclusives are maybe the best Kmart exclusives we have seen.  And in great colors no less.

But we can't help but feel for our overseas collector friends.  There is probably more excitement for these two models in other countries than here in the US, and unfortunately the only way to get them will be through the secondary market or other collectors.  We hope that many of our US readers will get a few extras and make them available to overseas collectors.  We might find a way to help collectors connect.  Stay tuned...

For now, we will get ready to handle the Kday crowds and see if we can fish out a few of these gems.  We have three weeks to prepare...


  1. The blue is the best, shame it wasnt in the mainline.
    What about the dirty wheeled Sandblaster?

  2. Kmart exclusives?! WHY? These two recolors are so cool now that they're Kmart exclusives I can't find them easily then? Shame.

  3. And top it all off the recolour of the 73 Ford Falcon XB is also a Kmart exclusive! How are we Aussies going to get that one??

  4. The blue Datsun is a must-have. Guess I'm going to the K-Day

  5. I've never been to a K-Day, but I am definitely going!!

  6. I usually go to K-Day, when there is nothing tying up my schedule. The only model I'm interested in is the Datsun.

    I would likely buy the 20 cars just so I could get the mail-in model, but for the $3.50 Shipping and Handling, I can get a model with Real Riders.

  7. cool no kmarts near austin tx more cars i wont be able to find