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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

First Look: Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment '67 Pontiac GTO...

As we always ask before we feature a Retro Entertainment model, shall we focus on the movie it comes from (Need for Speed) or the car it represents?

Well, no one has seen the movie yet, so we focus on the car, or the casting.  The '67 GTO has always been a popular Hot Wheels casting, so it should move just based on the fact that this may be the best this castings has looked since its debut.  We love the gold color, and the wheels fit perfectly.  And it photographs REALLY well.

Now let's see if it gets all smashed up by Jesse Pinkman in a couple of months...

(Find the GTO and the rest of Retro 2014 Batch B on ebay...)

Hot Wheels '67 Pontiac GTO (2014 Retro Entertainment):


  1. I don't like this casting, tought the color scheme on this is awesome.

  2. Least favourite NFS car. Cant wait for Agera though

  3. Why is Need for Speed part of the Retro Entertainment series if the movie hasn't even came out yet?

  4. You know how much I like GTO's. But in this casting I always change the wheels (oversized ones almost destroy this car!). The color shceme and detailing are good, but I think my customs of this model aren't worse :)

  5. The video game series has been around since 1994, so this model might refer to the game instead of the movie

  6. WHAT?! Now there are 4 "First Looks" you've done on the batch B retro entertainment cars. I thought you were going to do it today, Thursday January 23 2014! You really surprised me!

    Anyways, this is a lovely car produced in Hot Wheels I guess. Really cool. I have the Need For Speed- Most Wanted on Xbox 360. Not I only have that Xbox 360 NFS game, also the NFS- Hot Pursuit. I actually traded some of my games away at EB games, I did not like some of my other NFS games of mine. This one is from the new movie coming in March 2014.

    I also heard when I visit T hunted BlogSpot .com, there was news of the exclusive NFS 2014 Mustang Custom, a Koenissegg Agera, and this one. I didn't heard of other news from 2014 NFS retro entertainment.

  7. Paint it purple and we have "XXX!"