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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Surprise!! Hot Wheels 2014 Batch E and Pop Culture Looney Tunes M Case are now out at Wheel Collectors...

Just got the good news from Matt at Wheel Collectors that 2014 Hot Wheels Basic Batch E just arrived and is now listed on ebay.  There are quite a few interesting models in the batch, most notably the BMW Motorcycle and a new '68 Cougar tool that from the pics reminds us of last year's Chevelle SS.  These are all on their way to Lamley so we will preview all of them next week.  Follow the link below to see all the models in Batch E:

2014 Hot Wheels Basic Batch E

But that is not all.  2014 Hot Wheels Pop Culture Batch M also arrived.  This batch should interest a lot of collectors, as it contains a Drag Bus and the Kenworth Truck, which has quickly become a collector fave.  Pics are here:

2014 Hot Wheels Pop Culture Batch M

Have a look at the links, and tell us what you think.  Any model you want to see previewed first?


  1. I'd like to see the Cougar first.

  2. Awesome! The E case cars, yeah, I'll take them. The Porsche Panamera recolor, Mercury Cougar, Ferrari F12birlinetta (which does look like the 2013 ZAMAC Wal-Mart exclusive), 07' Mustang, and the new BMW motorcycle.

    Oh, me? For the Pop Culture Looney Tunes, I'm not interested onto them.

    So long!