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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Surprise! Hot Wheels Mainline Batch F (including the Homer), and Cool Classics Batch F now out at Wheel Collectors...

We love days like this...

Matt over at Wheel Collectors has just let us know that Hot Wheels 2014 Batch F has just arrived.  And as we have said before, this may be the best batch of 2014 so far.  Not only do we get a great Super TH, the '55 Gasser, and two highly anticipated new models, the Homer and Fast-Bed Hauler, but a new Ferrari as well.  Not to mention new decos for the Porsche 993, Gran Torino, and Toyota Supra.  This is bound to be a very popular batch.  Some are on their way to us, and we will give all of them the First Look treatment soon...

Follow the link below to see all of Batch F:

But that is not all.  Arriving in the same shipment is the latest batch of Cool Classics.  You (we) Japanese car fans can celebrate, as the Toyota Truck becomes the first Japanese car in the lineup.  And it looks great.  And from what we are seeing on the pegs, this may be the best way to get these, as the Cool Classics are not moving in store.

Follow this link for all of the new Cool Classics:

What do you think?


  1. What?! I'm surprised that I didn't even got one single 2014 E case model yet!

  2. I am yet to see an E Case let alone get one.

  3. The ones I'm most interested in in the batch are the Toyota, Chevy Gasser, and especially the Fast Bed Hauler.

  4. Was the Laferrari not in this batch, or did it just sell out?

    1. It was in this batch.

    2. Wait, do you mean the Hot Wheels version?

  5. Yep cool classics not selling....get rid of that crap and bring back them $3.50 real riders

  6. We are so far behind on the Cool Classics, still haven't seen anything beyond the second batch,there is a couple of them I'd like to get. I will definitely buying every fast bed hauler I see, not only does it look cool, but has great customizing potential. The gasser and homer are going to big sellers, still have a hard time finding gassers.