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Friday, February 28, 2014

First Look: 2014 Hot Wheels Pagani Huayra in green...

Hot Wheels went all supercar in Batch G:

Let's look.  Sesto Elemento in signature gunmetal gray (awesome), Alfa Romeo 8C in signature satin red (dope), Pagani Huayra in eye-popping green (nice), and that Lotus that could look good or bad but I wouldn't notice because I can't get over that horrible pinched nose.

We've already seen the Lambo and Alfa, and we will skip the Lotus (that nose!!) and have a gander at the green Pagani.

One of the cool things about supercars?  They're supercars.  They make you look.  They make you scramble for your phone and take photos of them in your rear view mirror.  That means they can be any color they damn well please.  So if a supercar wants to be bright green, it might was well.  You are going to look anyway.

So this one is green.  And I like it.  I would like it more if the casting was a little meaner.  I've said it before, but it sits a little too high, and low is what makes the Huayra a true Pagani.  Other than that, the model looks good.

But compared to the Sesto Elemento (look how low it sits) and Alfa Romeo (pretty and mean), it sits third in this batch of supercars.  Don't get me started on the Lotus...

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Hot Wheels Pagani Huayra (2013 Mainline):

The family:

Alright, here is the Lotus: