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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels X Games 5-pack, including a new version of the Mitsubishi Evo...

Here is a pack that might interest a few of you.

Outside of the occasional Ferrari or World Race set, Hot Wheels 5-packs don't spark too much of our interest.  This X-Games pack, just found overseas, would normally not interest us either.  Hell, we can't name four of the models in the pack.

But we do know what that fourth car is.  The Mitsubishi Evo gets a lot of you giddy, so we thought we would let you know another is coming.  A cross promotion with the X-Games probably makes sense, especially with an Evo in the pack, so we assume a few of you will pick this up.

I might.  The only Hot Wheels Evos in the Lamley collection are the First Editions, mainly because they are the only versions that look somewhat stock.  So if I am honest this will stay on the pegs.

But that is probably not the case with a lot of you...

(photo from Kayrol Nieza of Hot Wheels Collectors Malaysia)


  1. I'll likely pick one up. I like that they used that dirt circle track motorcycle casting in it.

    I hope the Hyperliner still has the pop off body.


  2. Black Evo
    fantastic notice, i want this now!

  3. I'm never sure about the Dakar, but this one looks sharp!

  4. Stellar! The Lancer Evo is the most wanted!

  5. I want that dirt tracker so badly. Was that released individually as well?