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Monday, February 24, 2014

Surprise! Hot Wheels Pop Culture Star Trek, Cool Classics Batch G is now out at Wheel Collectors...

Basic Batch G last week, Pop Culture and Cool Classics this week...

The truck dropped off some nice models at Wheel Collectors this week, and we thought we would share.

First up, the latest batch of Pop Culture, this time with a nostalgic Star Trek theme.  If we are honest, the models do little for us (but that might change once we have them in hand), but the card art is phenomenal.  That might be worth the price of admission here.  We will have to get a little info on who conceptualized this project.  Find all the models here:

Hot Wheels Pop Culture 2014 Batch P Star Trek

Next, the latest batch of Cool Classics.  The highlight here is the '67 Camaro, but that is not a surprise.  It is bound to be very popular.  Find all of Batch G here:

Hot Wheels 2014 Cool Classics Batch G

Some highlights: