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Sunday, March 23, 2014

As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending March 22, 2014...

Another week of fantastic work.  Keep 'em coming by emailing pics to or posting them on Instagram under the hashtag #lamleycustoms.


@a_r_n_e_l - Instagram

@Inspiire_hw - Instagram

@PapiChuloCustoms - Instagram

@2454_customs - Instagram

@78toy4dr - Instagram

@Lukeshotwheels - Instagram

@minh427 - Instagram

@hw_mcastjr - Instagram

@gooberspad - Instagram

@towiilopez - Instagram

@coecoet - Instagram

@robscalicustoms - Instagram

@amilamiluddin - Instagram

@moe_fp_bmcrew - Instagram

Randy Izatt

Alfred Lam Hc

Kobiz Garage - Facebook

@bobbysanders22 - Instagram

Hendy T Garage - Facebook

@namanyayudish - Instagram

@Rusty_orange - Instagram

Nice Quintillano

@josejdmcollazo - Instagram

Paul Chau



@mariot1 - Instagram

@hwguy04_2 - Instagram

Antonio De Abreu

Joel Presto


Gil Siegfried - Facebook


Yusuf Pn



  1. Great work fellas. I see some sick a$$ customs this week!

  2. Is it possible to have Paul Chau's e-mail?
    I'd like to know if he sells some of his cars.

  3. I'm not a fan at all of gassers, but man, that green 55 gasser is sick! I really gotta step my decal game up!

    The carbon fiber on the hoods of those Nissans might be a little too big for cars of that size. But still a cool idea though!

    Never thought I'd see a slammed Sam Walton Truck. Interesting.

    And I'm loving the nice Shelby at the end! Nice work everybody.

  4. Lots of nice work as per usual, but my favourites are the two Land Rovers (County 90 and Disco) and the Range Rover, we need more British cars given the Custom treatment please.

  5. 2454_customs, thanks for the images of the completed red Land Rover. I love how that turned out.

    I also really liked the Datsun with the cargo rack and matching trailer (a_r_n_e_l) and the yellow Datsun with the camper shell (namanyayudish).

  6. That's the ticket! There are a lot of operation tools I really absolutely like to say to these customs.\

    My favoite here There are 2 points: Makes and Models. We'll go on with that.

    Okay, my favorite custom is @robscalicustoms - Instagram's Porsche 993 GT2 (both silver and black one) and his Skyline. Nice work!

    Next up's I've got attention to @Rusty_Orange - Instagram's gold Bugatti Veyron with red. That reminds me of having an idea to Hot Wheels making a gold Pagani Huayra in the future. Gold is a beauty color on super, exotic, hyper cars. But that machine is awesome!

    Hmm... yet, that ucwepn's Shelby looks like a boxing guy with restraint. He has muscles. Yeah!!!

    I also have my eyes on Paul Chau's Beamer E30 and Civic EF's. Nice to see customs in carded!

    I'm also into french_custom_hw's 2014 Corvette C7 Stingray. That's one darn cool muscle as much as the Shelby. Who could say?

    94SS' Chevy Impala with trailer, and those Ferrari F40s look cool.

    But wait, is that a Range Rover? Well that could look familiar to me.

    Hendy T Garage's Guld livery customs are really excellent. I don't even know what to say but they are really excellent! Nice!

    @Coecoet - Instagram's Camaro looks like the might muscle here too. Love it!

    And lastly, @hw_mcastjr - Instagram's silver 459 Italia has the ZAMAC spirit. Nice also.

    There are a lot of customs that are going to be a memory as a classic to me. Almost these are the best ones yet, poos all around but like I said, that's the real ticket. Or just ordinary. I'm ordinary.

  7. The green '55 panel monster truck looks like it's taking a s*.

  8. I love how it gets a tad longer each time :) good work guys!

  9. Thanks for sharing some of my work,...