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Friday, March 21, 2014

First Look: Hot Wheels Star Trek U.S.S. Vengeance...

I think this is the big battleship from the second of the new Star Trek movies.  The one that I think Sherlock Holmes stole to give to Ricardo Montalban by way of a time machine.  It is probably parked somewhere on Fantasy Island.

Needless to say, Hot Wheels did a miniature version of it, but it doesn't roll.  So it's not our bag, but we know a helluva a lot of you are interested in it.  So we decided to take a few pics.  As far as Hot Wheels Star Trek ships go, I like this one better than the Enterprise.  It is better looking, has a cool middle design, looks more details, and sits on an upgraded stand.  Mattel has made a stand that does not allow the model to rotate, and that makes it sit better.  No rolling off the stand and taking the form of a wounded bird (even though I photographed it that way).

So here is your big nerdy disk spaceship.  Enjoy the pics, and go get it on ebay...

Hot Wheels Star Trek U.S.S. Vengeance (2014 New Models):


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  2. I liked the version that was released with the Star Trek into Darkness Blu-ray combo sold at Wal-mart. its more to scale with the Hot Wheels released Starship Enterprise, being twice the size of the Enterprise.

  3. I see Malaysia won the bid on Star Fleet's star ship procurement.

  4. Does anyone know how long it takes from when Lamley has them to when we see them in store? I'm in Canada, Waterloo ON and I am finding between 3-6 months by the time I see them at a Wal Mart.

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