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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lamley News: Hot Wheels 2014 Mainline list has been unveiled...

We finally have it.  We are almost halfway through the 2014 Hot Wheels Mainline, and we finally have the list of what is coming.

Mattel released the list on HWC today.  Obviously many of the models we have or we know are coming, but there are a few surprises as well:

2014 Hot Wheels® Segments & Cars
Segment NameToy #Collector #
HW City Works™Repo Duty™BFC271
Back Slider™BFC282
Surfin' School BusBFC293
Poison Arrow®BFC304
Ryura LX™*BDD205
Hiway Hauler® 2BFC316
Bread Box™BFC327
Wheel LoaderBFC338
Ice Cream TruckBFC349
The Vanster*BDC7310
HW Goal™Hyundai Genesis CoupeBFC3511
Yur So Fast™BFC3612
Torque Twister™BFC3713
Street Shaker®BFC3814
Scoopa Di Fuego™BFC3916
Fast Fish™BFC4017
Custom ’12 Ford MustangBFC4118
Avant Garde™BDC7520
Night Burnerz™Mazda RX-7BFC4321
Toyota SupraBFC4422
Nissan Skyline 2000GT-RBFC4523
’70 Toyota CelicaBFC4624
Fiat 500*X161625
Subaru WRX STIBFC4726
Porsche 993 GT2BFC4827
Mad Manga™BFC4928
Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione*BFC5029
1990 Honda Civic EF*BDC7730
Speed Team™Ferrari F12 BerlinettaBFC5131
Quick N’ Sik™BFC5232
’81 DeLorean DMC-12™BFC5333
La Fasta™BFC5434
Ferrari 458 ItaliaBFC5535
New Model TBD*BDC7836
Lamborghini Veneno*BDC7937
LA Ferrari*BDC8038
Lamborghini Sesto Elemento*BDC8139
Porsche Panamera*BDC8240
HW Rescue™5 AlarmBFC5641
’10 Camaro® SS™ (w/light bar)BFC5742
Rapid ResponseBFC5843
’07 Chevy® Tahoe™ (w/light bar)BFC5944
HW Pursuit™BFC6045
Island ChopperBFC6146
Rescue DutyBFC6247
Dodge Charger Drift (w/light bar)BFC6348
Super VanBFC6449
So Plowed*BDC8350
Street Beasts®Eevil Weevil™BFC6551
Sting Rod™ IIBFC6955
Future Fleet™Retro-Active™BFC7056
Turbo Turret™BFC7157
Clear Speeder™*BDC8458
Prototype H-24™BFC7259
BATMAN 75th AnniversaryThe Batman™ Batmobile™BFC7361
The TumblerBFC7563
TV Series BatmobileBFC7765
Medieval Rides™Rodzilla®BFC7866
Howlin' Heat™BFC7967
Dragon Blaster™BFC8169
Knight Draggin'™*BDC8670
Planet Heroes™Mars Rover CuriosityBFC8271
Ground FX®BFC8473
New Model TBD*BDC8774
U.S.S. Vengeance*BDC8875
Fright Cars™Double Demon®BFC8576
Cloak And Dagger™BFC8677
Tomb Up®BFC8778
Rigor Motor®BFC8879
Street Creeper™BFC8980
Tooned I™Angry Birds™ MinionBFC9081
Angry Birds™ Red BirdBFC9182
The FlintmobileBFC9283
The Mystery Machine BFC9384
Max Steel® MotorcycleBFC9485
Tooned II™Max Steel® Turbo Racer*BDC8986
Rev Rod™*BDD0187
The Homer*BDC9289
The Jetsons Capsule Car*BDC9390
Mustang 50th’12 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna SecaBFD8191
2005 Ford Mustang GTBFD8292
’67 Ford Mustang CoupeBFD8393
’71 Mustang Mach 1BFD8494
’07 Ford MustangBFD8595
1999 Ford MustangBFD8696
’70 Ford Mustang Mach 1BFD8797
’67 Custom MustangBFD8898
’71 Mustang Funny CarBFD8999
New Model TBD*BDD18100
Segment NameToy #Collector #
Sunt Circuit™Speedbox™BFC95101
Sky Knife™BFC96102
Mountain Mauler™*BDC94103
Fast-bed Hauler™*BDC96105
Road Rally™’12 Ford FiestaBFC97106
Dodge Challenger Drift CarBFC98107
Subaru Impreza WRXBFC99108
Fast 4WD*BDC97110
Off Track™Team Hot Wheels® Corkscrew BuggyBFD01111
Baja TruckBFD02112
Meyers ManxBFD04114
Land Crusher™*BDC98115
Hot Wheels Test Facility™Custom '71 El Camino™BFD05116
Bone Shaker® (closed roof)BFD06117
Rip Rod*BDD00120
HW Daredevils™Loop CoupeBFD08121
Monster Dairy Delivery®BFD09122
Skate Punk™BFD10123
Mad Propz™BFD11124
HW Poppa Wheelie™*BDC90125
HW Moto™Canyon Carver™BFD12126
BMW K 1300 R*BFD13127
Blastous® MotoBFD14128
Street NozBFD16130
HW Hot Trucks™’10 Toyota TundraBFD57131
Chevy® Silverado™BFD58132
Dodge Ram 1500BFD59133
’72 Ford RancheroBFD60134
’83 Chevy® Silverado™BFD62136
’09 Ford F-150BFD63137
Jeep ScramblerBFD64138
Datsun 620*BDC74139
Segment NameToy #Collector #
HW Race Team™Sling Shot™BFD17141
Impavido 1™BFD18142
Fig Rig™BFD19143
Circle Tracker™BFD20144
F1 RacerBFD21146
Night Burner®BFD22147
Imparable™ BFD24149
Thrill Racers™Horseplay®BFD25151
Circle Trucker™BFD29156
HW 40™BFD30157
Whip Creamer™ IIBFD31158
Nitro Doorslammer™BFD32159
Mastretta MXR*BDD05160
Track Aces™’13 Ford Mustang GTBFD33161
Arrow Dynamic™BFD34162
Super Blitzen™BFD35163
24 Ours™BFD36164
Let's GO*BDD06165
Bump Around™BFD37166
Altered Ego™BFD38167
Maximum Leeway™BFD39168
New Model TBD*BDD07169
’68 Mercury Cougar*BDD08170
X-Raycers®Bullet Proof™BFD40171
Drift Rod™BFD42173
Rig Storm™*BDD09175
Nerve Hammer™BFD44176
’69 Chevelle™BFD47179
Hi-Tech Missile™*BDD10180
Night Storm™Funny Side Up™BFD48181
Rennen Rig™BFD49182
Time TrackerBFD50183
Off Track®BFD51184
Cloud Cutter™BFD55188
Fast FeLion™BFD56189
Two Timer™*BDD11190
Segment NameToy #Collector #
HW All-Stars®Volkswagen BeetleBFD65191
Toyota 2000 GTBFD66192
Lotus Evora GT4BFD67193
Morris MiniBFD68194
’92 BMW M3BFD69195
Lamborghini Aventador J RoadsterBFD70196
Lamborghini EstoqueBFD71197
Pagani HuayraBFD72198
Chevrolet® SS™BFD73199
Aston Martin 1964 DB5*BDD14200
HW Garage™Kool KombiBFD74201
2013 Hot Wheels® Chevy® Camaro® Special EditionBFD75202
2013 Viper SRTBFD76203
Project Speeder™*BDD16205
’71 Datsun Bluebird 510 WagonBFD77206
2014 Corvette® Stingray™BFD78207
’64 Lincoln ContinentalBFD79208
Harley-Davidson Fat Boy®BFD80209
Ford Transit*BDD17210
Heat Fleet®’68 Dodge DartBFD90211
’69 Dodge Coronet Super BeeBFD91212
’69 Camaro®BFD92213
’69 Corvette®BFD93214
’70 Buick® GSX™BFD94215
’71 Dodge DemonBFD95216
Custom ’69 Chevy® PickupBFD96217
’65 Chevy® Impala™BFD97218
’69 Mercury Cougar EliminatorBFD98219
Custom V-8 Vega™BFD99220
Then And Now®Twin Mill®BFF00221
Toyota AE-86 CorollaBFF01222
1964 Corvette® Stingray®BFF02223
’68 COPO Camaro®BFF03224
Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-XBFF04225
Twin Mill® IIIBFF05226
Scion FR-SBFF06227
’14 Corvette® Stingray®*BDD19228
2014 COPO Camaro®*BDC72229
Nissan Skyline GT-RBFF07230
Muscle Mania®’70 Camaro®BFF08231
’67 Chevelle® SS™ 396BFF09232
’64 Chevy® Chevelle® SS™BFF10233
’69 Dodge Charger DaytonaBFF11234
’69 Ford Torino TalladegaBFF12235
’64 Chevy® Nova™ Station WagonBFF13236
’76 Greenwood Corvette®BFF14237
’73 Ford Falcon XBBFF15238
’68 Plymouth Barracuda Formula SBFF16239
1974 Brazilian Dodge Charger*BDD21240
HW Performance™’55 Chevy® Bel Air® GasserBFF17241
’71 Dodge ChallengerBFF18242
’70 Chevy® Chevelle® SS™BFF19243
’71 Plymouth Road RunnerBFF20244
’70 Chevelle™ SS™ WagonBFF21245
’12 Camaro® ZL1™ ConceptBFF22246
Custom Volkswagen BeetleBFF23247
’72 Ford Gran Torino SportBFF24248
Nissan 370ZBFF25249
Custom ’64 Galaxie 500BFF26250
*New Models for 2014.

For us, there are some obvious standouts. We have already seen the upcoming Hakosuka Skyline in the Then & Now series, but its counterpart, the Kenmeri Skyline GT-R is also in there.  We have heard a little about the Kenmeri, and know it will sport a livery paying homage to the 1972 Tokyo Auto Show car.  Another highlight is the mainline debut of the Datsun 510 Wagon, which means those who could not find the elusive Boulevard version will now have a much easier time acquiring the casting.

Of course this opens a ton of fun speculation.  Which of these will be Super TH's?  Zamacs?  What will they look like?  We will try to find out, and will pass on anything we learn.  It should be fun,

What do you think of this year's lineup?


  1. No. 36? What is no. 36? Is it going to be a Koenigsegg, like it says on the wikia? Please let it be an Agera! Please! And a red one at that!

    - Black Wind

  2. One thing, I never ever ever EVER want matchbox to become a 250 model range, and with at least 118 licensed models out of 250, it goes to show the total lack of Interest in Matchbox and constant dulling down of the brand, however, once the LR4 and RR Evoque are on stream sometime this decade, possibly, I might change my mind.

  3. Wow, so many cars! I pity the poor soul that commits himself to collecting each and every one, plus recolors, variations, and so on!

    My top 3 I'm looking forward to that I didn't expect:
    1. Jeep Scrambler (hoping for a more realistic deco than last years)
    2. Custom 71 El Camino (how can you not love that insane Mad-Max like design atop an expertly reproduced El Camino?!)
    3. Datsun 510 Bluebird Wagon (Please, please make it a clean, solid color casting with front & rear detailing!)

  4. Impossible! Not even the clostest thing yet. There are mistakes, but this list is so WRONG. The 2014 Corvette Stingray. In the 2014 HW Workshop Garage AND the Then and Now subseries? Ford Transit in the HW Workshop Garage series? I thought it was in the HW City Rescue series? Wow, can anyone tell me if the list in wiki is right 'cause I'm agreeing with wiki. I agree with About us 12:55 PM about the Koenissegg Agera R in the Speed Team series. It should. I don't think this is the right one. I pity the list here. Doesn't make any sense to me. I'm also confused.

    1. This is the official list. The Koenisseg might be in the lineup, don't know for sure.

      The two 2014 Corvettes are different castings, the one in the The And Now segment being a new model, likely as a Targa top or something.

      Whatever wikis listed isn't official.


    2. Thanks for correcting me.

    3. One thing I do know, there is a Koenisseg coming in the Entertainment line, so keep an eye open for that.


    4. Yes, I know too already. It's in the C case of retro entertainment along with another new NFS casting by Hot Wheels, the custom '14 Mustang.

    5. Oh finally the Agera R is coming to us! Sad really, because my country doesn't revieve the Entertainment line, and theres no other way for me to get it (buying online is too expensive). So its not coming to me anyway. I really wish it was in the mainline.

      - Black Wind

    6. The Agera R will come in the mainline soon. I am also looking for that too. Either me buying online's too expensive. But I am getting the Retro Entertainment version though.

  5. This year has a decent lineup of New Models, but to me it's just not the monster year that 2011, 2012 and 2013 was. Maybe it's just my taste. I definitely will be leaving that Veneno on the shelf when I see it.

    Oh well, at least we finally got the Alfa 8C. I can finally scratch that one off my Hot Wheels bucket list.

    1. Oh yeah, I totally forgot about the DB5. That is also a sweetie. Scratch that off my bucket list too.

  6. Man, soooo many fake cars. The only cars listed there that I still want are the Kenmeri and 510 Wagon. Every other cool car has already been released.
    Hopefully the TBD are some cool cars, not more fake cars or supercars (blech)

  7. It's awesome with the return of the 370z... I think the 350z is not in the mainline ...

    1. it's actually the Nissan 350Z. They certainly made a mistake. so it's not the 350Z.

    2. The 370Z is in the mainline.

      The yellow 350Z that was shown before is part of the Kroger exclusive July 4th set. Apparently they're already hitting some Kroger stores, someone just found the whole set recently. The white '81 Camaro that was sneaked over on that other blog is also part of this set.

      VW Beetle convertible
      '37 Ford Woody
      '73 Firebird
      '81 Camaro
      Corvette C6
      Nissan 350Z

      I'll have to work with someone to get the set myself, as there's no Krogers or affiliates in NY.


    3. @doomus, is the C6 a hardtop or a convertible? I believe it should be the hardtop. I have that model and it says just 'Corvette C6' on the base. Clarification please!

      - Black Wind.

    4. i didn't know you idiot! i just figured out! so shut up

    5. ^ Who the hell do you think you're talking to? You halfwit

      - Black Wind

  8. 2014 Corvette Stingray in black or white please
    Lamborghini Veneno in original silver debut color please
    LaFerrari in black or silver please(I have too many red Ferraris already)

    Then I'll be DONE for 2014.

    1. Good suggestions. The new Stingray in white with sharp contrasting details in black would look great, especially before it succumbs to the flame decos that are certain after a year or two...

      Red Ferrari? Lame.

    2. Hmm... Corvette in white or black?

      The Veneno of course is in its own debut color! Haven't you seen it revealed on T Hunted and HERE?

      LaFerrari in black or silver? Wow, too much color sugesstions. I'm just going for a yellow of the LaFerrari instead.

    3. I think the stingray with a yellow and black hood
      The koenigsegg with better wheels

  9. It's just finally here. The original Hot Wheels list for 2014. This could be the stunning year ever, 'cause I need good luck.

  10. Im sorry but hotwheels needs to stop making fake cars and just stick to real ones
    they should do 200 cars 50 sports cars 50 muscle cars 50 city cars and 50 imagination cars with 4 t hunts in each and 15 new editions

    1. I heartily agree. Most stores have the fake cars piled on the pegs just collecting dust. They must not have too much wiggle room on their licensing for the real cars. I'm happy with Ferrari, Lamborghini, and the Pagani Huayra was a great new addition. But more real cars would be good, but I'm not Mattel, and beggars can't be choosers.

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