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Monday, March 31, 2014

Lamley News: The latest Regular TH has been unveiled, and it might finally be a licensed car...

As we have said for the last year, Super TH's are for collectors, Regular TH's are for kids.  That is why we have seen almost all fantasy castings as reg TH's this year.

So for those of you that still are frustrated about the lack of real car castings in the Regular TH line, your prayers have been answered.  The next Regular TH has been unveiled, and it is based on a real car.  We aren't going to announce what it is, but we will let you guess.

Here is our teaser pic:

Can you figure it out?


  1. Custom 71 el Camino

  2. Ah, here is another fit for guess to an answer. I get a period.

    Right before I saw this post and then cliked on comment, I realized the picture is an '71 El Camino already.