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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just Released: High(er) res images of upcoming Hot Wheels, includingthe Porsche 934, BMW E36, and Datsun 510...

Mattel gave collectors a little surprise on the HWC homepage yesterday, releasing a PDF version of the sneak peek slide show presented at the Hot Wheels Nationals Convention earlier this month.

We were able to get still shots of the presentation when it happened, some of which we shared here.  Of course the announcement of the Porsche 934 and BMW E36 caused instant buzz.

We can now get a better view if what is coming thanks to the slide show file, and there are a few at the very top of the Lamley want list.  Check these beauties out:

We will try to be patient, but these can't arrive soon enough...


  1. WOW! I am really excited! So when these arrive, I'll be grabbing the Porsche, the Bimmer, an those cool Cool Classics: The awesome gold colored Datsun, lovely Honda S2000, and that Subaru (even though if I hate it, I like this version now). Thanks for the pop the heads up John! : )

  2. The 934 and the B.R.A.T.! I gotta' get these!!!
    My question though.. will the Datsun Bluebird command instant demand and if it does, will the value skyrocket?

  3. Wish the 934 had better wheels, but I love the color! I will be grabbing one for the display case for sure!


  4. The porsche is in desperate need of a wheel swap, but otherwise, wow! E34 is sweet as well.

  5. Want! Porsche and Subie!!

  6. BMW and Subaru BRAT are must haves for me.

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