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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just Unveiled: Hot Wheels Nissan 370Z for 2014...

It is nice to have this one back.

We've got Celicas, 2000GT's, Hakosukas, Kenmeris, 510s, Hachis, and many other nostalgic Japanese all over the mainline, but they left a little room for the current crop.  On the heels of the Scion FR-S just hitting Walmarts in its Zamac outfit, we now know what the new Nissan 370Z looks like.

We will let the pictures do the talking, but we think a few of you might be happy with the livery...


  1. Wow! Looking stunning, mean to any other japanese nostalgic car, and it is beautiful with the Greedy livery. Everything is astonishing with the Nissan. So there was the 2010 new model colors (yellow and blue), 2011 Faster Than Ever colors (white and red), the 2013 Multipack exclusives (or not) (copper), and we've got the latest version, that's right. The GREEDY version. It does look like a tuner drifter.

    Okay now. I'll shut up.

  2. Nice to see the 370Z back in the mainline. I'll be looking forward to this release.

  3. I hate liveries that are too busy like this. :/ there's just too much that can (and usually does) go wrong with the tampo. I love this casting, but decos like this make it look bad. :(

  4. The car is nice, but the livery detracts from the casting itself.

    This is what I call another "customizer's special".

  5. I'd say it looks like garbage, but for the Walmart crowd I guess it's alright. But If you truly like Japanese cars then buy a Tomica.

    1. "... for the Walmart crowd ..." Wow. way to be rude. It's one thing to say that you're not a fan of Hot Wheels. It's a completely different thing to degrade everyone else who is. This blog is meant to celebrate die cast in all forms, (with a slight lean toward JDM, but that's beside the point.) whether it be the expensive imported models or the 97 cent Hot Wheels and Matchboxes. Being rude and degrading is only going to make you look bad.

    2. First, it's EASY to hide behind a mask when you're 'Anonymous'! Brings up an interesting note.. I visited a Walmart in my area a short time ago and noticed a local news station/anchor personality shopping there.
      So my question is this, would this person be considered low class or down to earth? The 'Anonymous garbage' blogger above is not allowed to answer because this question only applies to intelligent person's only.

      I know this particular veteran anchorman easily makes over 100 thou a year. Does that mean he should only shop at high end stores?
      Is Walmart limited only to scum?

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