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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Complete Collection: Hot Wheels '87 Toyota Pickup...

When we showcased the brand new Hot Wheels Retro Entertainment '87 Toyota a few days ago, one of our readers asked is show all releases of the Toyota together.  We thought that was a great idea.

So we have little to say, we just thought we would show them.  Our favorite?  Is there any doubt?  It's Alex P Keaton's sweet 80's ride.  Pretty sure that was the secret to his success...

(Find the '87 Toyota on ebay...)

Hot Wheels '87 Toyota

2012 Hot Ones

2013 Mainline

2013 Mainline recolor

2013 Mainline recolor wheel variation

2014 Cool Classics

2014 Retro Entertainment


  1. Okay, let's get started.

    I'll do make a list of which version I like first to last. Alright and here we go:

    1. 2014 Retro Entertainment
    2. 2013 recolor wheel vari
    3. 2014 Cool Classics
    4. 2013 black
    5. 2012 Hot Ones
    6. 2013 recolor

    that's all it. Zip out 'till you find me...

    1. Retro is definatly sweet. But I'd have to bump your #5 to #1. That one came first, it's the original, I like it best.