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Monday, May 19, 2014

Just Unveiled, Part 2: Better pics of the upcoming Walmart Exclusive Zamac Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X...

We were happy to break the news last week about the upcoming Zamac Hakosuka, but now we can have ourselves a better look.

These photos have emerged of the Skyline, and here at Lamley we like what we see.  Yes, green interior with green and yellow striping seems a little odd, but frankly there is nothing wrong with "a little odd".

We will choose instead to focus on how great having an unpainted Hako really is.  You could put it in hot pink trim and I wouldn't complain.  The fact is the return of the Zamac exclusives has been one of the highlights of the Hot Wheels line in the last couple of years, and not just because the cars look cool.  It is also because the variety is so great.  Muscle, supercars, JDM, pickups, current cars, you name it.

So all we needed to hear was Zamac and Hako, and we were in.  Seeing it in detail confirms that we will be ALL OVER this one when it is released...


  1. Everything's all fine? Pusp, the car's the fine thing, it is a good choice for a ZAMAC, which is a fine thing, but again like I said before, those green and yellow look not right for the tangle of this thing. Tht's not fine and right on this mighty guy...

  2. I plan to pick this up if I can find one. I find this casting pretty rough looking in ZAMAC, it's pitted and dented when you look closely. It's not polished like my ZAMAC R34 is.

  3. I love it. Green is a realistic interior color for that time period. I for one see way too many black plastic interiors in 1:64 cars considering how less than a 1/4 of them originally had such an interior. More dark red, dark blue, tan and other interior colors please! :)

  4. If you truly like the C10 Skyline do yourself a favor and seek out the Tomica or Kyosho version.