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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Matter of Scale: Auto World & Tomica Limited Vintage...

This one is simple.

You will see more and more Tomica Limited Vintage on Lamley.  We have a lot of TLV in the Lamley collection, we have a store, Japan Booster, directly out of Japan we are working with (and you should too), and there is no ignoring how great these models are.

Especially now, with TLV being the first to do a Nissan IDx in small scale, and with BMW's coming next month, there is a lot of attention.  So we decided to show some of the variety of models.

TLV is obsessed with scale, so we are using another scale-centric diecast maker to help.  We are going to start with these to from land yachts from Auto World:

And then we are going to put a few Tomica Limited Vintage models next to them.  Simple enough?


Toyota Toyopet Crown Wagon

Toyota FS45V Ambulance

Subaru Sambar

Porsche 911S

Isuzu Bellet 1600GT Type R


  1. Personally,I think its a pity that even with this kind of detail, Tomica still failed to do the rear view mirrors on the side of the cars..

    1. It's mostly the cars with fender mirrors that lack them. I own quite a few that do have mirrors. It never bothered me because fender mirrors in that scale will either be over-sized or chintzy looking chrome plastic.

    2. I agree, while possible they would be so overly fragile it wouldn't be the best idea. I have some of the larger 1:64 TLV trucks and they included mirrors attached separately in the package to be installed.

  2. Great idea! Now put some weirdsized hotwheels beside them in order to make it funnier :)

  3. Ahahaha, the photo of the Subaru Sambar atop the Kingswood Estate is priceless, definitely some good photography work in here on top of the quality of models!

    Technically all the Auto World wagons are in the "Muscle Wagons" series; not "Land Yachts" which only the Cadillac is currently a member of; though more in that series are coming, like the 1967 Eldorado:

    Those TLVs certainly are beautiful... I only wish I had more money (& more than 1 pack!) when I was studying in Japan to buy more than 6 of those beauties. Here's hoping AutoWorld continues to up the ante with more highly detailed, all diecast unique castings that haven't been done before. Keeping my fingers crossed for more late 70's-1980's GM vehicles!

  4. I display my Auto Worlds with TLV's and it's not as dramatic as you think with some of the larger Japanese cars, like Cedrics and Crowns. Yes they are bigger, but even back then a station wagon was a boat of a car. To quote Mike Nelson of MST3K: "The Ford station wagon, unsmall as any speed."

  5. Beautiful photograph, I have the Kingswood, I will have to pick up the Subaru.

  6. Love that Toyota FS45V Ambulance

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