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Sunday, June 8, 2014

As is the Custom: Our faves for the 2 weeks ending June 7, 2014...

After a week off we are back with another mountain-moving mound of customs.  Grab some tea, sit back, and scroll.  You will enjoy...


@bttfdmc1984 - Instagram

Madworks Kustom

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@PapiChuloCustoms - Instagram

@bikkkkkky - Instagram

@i_d_r - Instagram

Apis Custom Depot

@nic_bali - Instagram

@kulitgosong - Instagram

M Razali Ahmad

@78toy4dr - Instagram

@gooberspad - Instagram

guanaes garage

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Douglas Cheung

Balázs Kisgyörgy‎

@yeyoperezhein - Instagram

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Joel Presto

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@bobbysanders22 - Instagram

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Andrew Schuetz


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Skyline Ramos

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Gil Siegfried

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Andre Liem

Carnage 717

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@mrsenctvt - Instagram


  1. The first one, the El Camino road racer, is awesome. I reckon the fender flares and spoiler looks better in an Elco than in the Chevelle. Great work, congratulations to the builder.

    Also congratulations to the designer of the liveries in the orange and yellow Datsun 510s, those things rock.

  2. Mi777ke777 - 420CustomsJune 8, 2014 at 6:13 PM

    Sick group of customs.....Damn I need to make me a 620 dually! That thing is ill. Papichulo's low scrapers nice...The Hakosuka group fantastic. Lawsonjr83's Vette super dope. The mini case and cards!!! Loved it. Great work everyone!

  3. Many, many jawdropping customs! The '59 Caddy lowrider was sweet with that amazing paint job and trunk stereo. Wow!

  4. the small hot wheels are awsome!!!!!!!!! I wanna know how to make them!

  5. Thanks a lot for choosing my custom! Many congrats to all the customizers worldwide, there are authentic masterpieces showed here. Best regards!

  6. That Caddy was sick w/ the lighting effects and so was the Fast and Furious Superbird. Awesome work.
    Lots of great work here!

  7. I love the group of Hakosuka racers and the Mini Hot Rod. Special mentions for the Caddy for being insanely detailed and for the ATAT Combi for making me laugh.

    I really need to make small hto wheels like Mr Azali Ahmad.