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Sunday, June 29, 2014

As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending June 29, 2014...

Thanks everyone for the submissions this week.  We are featuring many of them, plus others we came across.

Also, be sure to read the message below from Instagram customizer mr_senctvt who is offering his customs to help with something very important.


@alinhelga - Instagram

@78toy4dr - Instagram

@diecast_zombeaz - Instagram

Howard Progidy

@smallcarspecialties - Instagram

Here Tui Tuiautoshop

Nicholaus Tamboto


Abigas Wheels

@supertreasurehunt - Instagram

@mr_senctvt - Instagram - Lamley IG friends, we wanted to pass along this message from IG custom legend Seth, aka @mr_senctvt, who is offering his amazing customs in order raise money for an upcoming surgery:
I'm usually not comfortable asking for HELP but at this point I have no choice and can't think of a better way to RAISE some funds for my upcoming back and neck surgery. I am scheduled to have laser surgery done end of JULY and will unfortunately need to come up with $1600 out of pocket to pay for the procedure. I am not asking for a hand out but would instead like to work for it. I'm hoping to do a custom as a THANK YOU for every $50 sponsorship. This means I will need to get at least 32 customs done in a month before my surgery if I do get the 32 sponsors that I'm in need of. I know this is a lot to ask my friends but I don't know how else to go about it. I'm the only income in my household and I cannot put off this surgery much longer. Thank you in advance for all the support. PLEASE DM ME or email me if you are interested and able to HELP out. I understand that we all have financial responsibilities so I am not asking for anyone to sacrifice anything. Please be sure to take care of your own situations before you think of me. God bless you all.

Figures Armours

@minh427 - Instagram

Corey Ambrose

Cancholas Customs


Rhbc's Garage

M Razali Ahmad

aftermath1312 - Instagram

doomus - HWC

Carnage 717


Andrew Schuetz

Apis Custom Work'z


Z Rahman Milky

smallsnipe customs

@hoshie67 - Instagram

Skyline Ramos

@LaLDiecast - Instagram




  1. 78toy4dr, the grey Skyjacker van is great! Where'd the body come from on that? It's not one I recognize.

    Also, I've really like the continued images from smallcarspecialties. I enjoy watching the story unfold in the series of pictures.

    1. I think it is a Matchbnox 4X4 Chevy Van

    2. Looks like the Hot Wheels "Super Van". Great Work!

    3. The fenders don't match the MBX Chevy, but the HW Super Van looks like a winner. It also looks like 78toy4dr used at least two of them, because it has a much longer wheelbase than the original.

  2. minh427's Ferrari F1 racer may be a wheel swap only but WOW!

  3. Z Rahman Milky's Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Hyundai Genesis Coupe customs and @LaLDiecast - Instagram's Lambo Veneno (that looks like a sweet racer) are the only things I like here.

    1. Thanks a lot man! these were my first ever try on Hot Wheels.. :)

  4. Shark nose Ferrari - brilliant. Wish I had a spare to recreate this one for myself.