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Monday, June 2, 2014

Has the last Super of 2014 been unveiled, or the first of 2015?

This VERY interesting photo just started circulating, and it definitely piques our curiosity:

So what are we looking at?  A strange, but fantastic-looking, recolor of the 2014 Kool Kombi?  Or the first Super of 2015?  

Either way, we want it.  Your thoughts?


  1. Since it has nothing to do with the color/tampo scheme for 2014, I assume it's for 2015. Unless Hot Wheels decided in the last hour to change the rules, which is not absurd considering that they cancel lines from one day to another without previous warning.

  2. It's a pretty good looking version.

    There's also another possibility, it's a custom.

    Problem is the tiny details can't be picked out as the pic's a little blurry.

  3. It says T/H next to the panel vents.

  4. its the best looking version on that casting either way, but I'm still not a fan of it.

  5. See my post on the Hot Wheels Newsletter about this. My user is Daniel Hernandez.

    1. My post is on Facebook.

  6. This is the first $TH for 2015, because the 2014 version had crazy wave tempos, but this, is not part of that. We wouldn't need to answer if you'd recognize the vinyl design, John. Just gave you some hands advice.