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Friday, July 4, 2014

Cool is Cool is Cool, Fourth of July Edition: Sam Posey's '70 Dodge Challenger by Hot Wheels...

To all of you in the United States, Happy Fourth of July.

Since we too reside here in the States, it seems appropriate to showcase an American car.  And we picked a good one.

We have already professed our love for the Trans Am Racing circuit cars before, so there is no need to rehash that.  But in articles past we have failed to give Hot Wheels version of Sam Posey's Challenger its proper due.

Speaking solely aesthetically, the Posey Challenger is one of the best Trans Am race cars around.  It starts with the bright green and racing deco, then goes to the Minilite wheels, and finishes with that ridiculous yet perfect chin-spoiler.

So take a few minutes to get a sense of the Trans Am Series with this video, and then enjoy the pics.

(If you are looking, there are a few Posey '70 Challengers on ebay right now...)

Hot Wheels Sam Posey's '70 Dodge Challenger (2011 Vintage Racing):


  1. Mi777ke777 - 420CustomsJuly 4, 2014 at 11:04 AM

    they need to do a mainline release of that bad boy!

  2. Super awesome!