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Friday, July 18, 2014

Just Unveiled: The Hot Wheels RLC Datsun 510 BRE is getting a brother, the BRE 240Z...

Maybe Hot Wheels is trying to steal a little Matchbox thunder this weekend, and maybe they succeeded.

Posted on the RLC sneaks this morning is none other than the upcoming Datsun 240Z in BRE livery, ready to join its very popular Datsun cousin. We will let Japanese Nostalgic Car give you the rundown, but rest assured the run on these will be quick.  We don't know when they are out, but you won't get one if you are not an RLC member and ready to reserve one the second they are made available.

E-sheet sneaks are up on the RLC site, but they ask for us not to show, and we will comply.  So we will use this fabulous custom by our friends at Madworks Kustom to give you an idea.  Just imagine spectraflame red with Neo wheels, same as on the 510:

First the 510, then the Toyota 2000GT, and now the 240Z.  It is definitely worth being an RLC member these days.  Who is excited?


  1. The thing that's really annoying about the 240Z casting is the different-sized wheels. It looks HORRIBLE.

  2. so unfair to international collectors.. we can't become RLC members even though we want to
    ( at least i do want :P )

  3. I agree with SeattleO for the different wheel sizes, but no big deal anyway. I care more about going perfectly with the 510.