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Saturday, August 9, 2014

As is the Custom: Our faves for the week ending August 9, 2014...

It was a good week for customs.  Keep submitting your work whenever you complete it...


Guanaes Garage

@Lukeshotwheels - Instagram

Evilsonicz Customs

Mass Putra

@mysoulgone - Instagram

Madworks Customs

Mohd Nazir Ariffin

Figures Armours

Daniel Hew

@smallcarspecialties - Instagram

George Tutumi

Pisut Masanong

@mrsenctvt - Instagram

Z Rahman Milky

@minh427 - Instagram

@hw_by_panda23 - Instagram


@kulitgosong - Instagram

@leebruce281 - Instagram

Canchola's Customs

@safwan_kamarudin - Instagram

Kyle Farley

@qwt_lukn - Instagram

Floriano Jr

Niels Nieuwenhuizen

@bobbysanders22 - Instagram

Edgar Torres Farias

Laszlo Toth

@HWC_customs - Instagram

Albert Galang

@goskeomori - Instagram

e86customs - Instagram

@penoyboy12 - Instagram


  1. The 67 GTO gasser-style takes the cake by far here. Oh and that 510 with the rising sun on the door.

  2. I also dig the Goat gasser! I also like the Bullitt Mustang and the Range Rover w/the Pro Circuit 5 stars. I'd like to list more honorable mentions but many great works.

  3. Thanks a lot for the love on the Rover really appreciate it...

  4. Can't wait till e36 custom start rolling in.

    1. wait til u see what's next ;) -e85customs (aslo y'all had spelling errors but it's ok)

  5. I'm so glad some people mod something other than the same 10 that Fast 4WD and TMNT Tomb Up for example. Wish more people go with something different every now and then.

  6. So many great customs!!! More and more realistics! Congratulations to all the customers worldwide. It's a pleasure to visit the weekly customs Lamley's selection. Keep going like these!!! Best regards to everybody!!!