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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Look: 2015 Hot Wheels Datsun 620 Pickup...

When we learned about this one, we knew it was a must-have, and when the opportunity popped up get one, we acted.  And we are glad we did.

So here is the typical pattern with Hot Wheels: Release the First Edition of a casting in a livery as close to the real thing as possible.  Either a licensed livery or something very close.  Or maybe the deco matching the real thing.

After that, as long as the licensor approves, the fun begins.  Sometimes, it is a disaster.  Other times, he design looks nice, and takes nothing away from the model itself.  Then there is that occasion when the deco enhances the model.

Case in point?  The 2015 version of the Datsun 620.  The 620 came from the 70's, and so did that design.  And oh it is cool.  That green, orange, and yellow combo is one of the 1970's greatest gifts, and it shines on this model.  It may not be a stock design, but it as appropriate as it gets.  And that makes this the best version so far.

We loved the Li'l Hustler-inspired design of the 2014 version, especially that Kmart blue model, but we like this one just a tad more.  Of course we would love to see the tailgate detailed like on the 2014 version, but because Jun Imai designed it with an embossed tail, there is no need.  It still looks like it should.

So kudos to whoever came up with the design and color combo.  This gets the JDM side of things with 2015 Hot Wheels off to a very good start...

Hot Wheels Datsun 620 (2015 Mainline):


  1. The best one yet! Pure 70s I can see my childhood right in front of my eyes. The only thing that would make this better would be a Dodge California Custom van beside it.

  2. It looks beautiful in deed. And on top of it there are the classic 5-spokes, wich I'm particularly fond of. =) (Sorry for any eventual englidh mistake, not my first language)

  3. Such a huge flurry of exciting new licensed castings and colours. Such a shame that type of activity has been lost on the Matchbox range.