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Thursday, August 14, 2014

First Look: The three white-to-red recolors of the BMW E36 M3, COPO Camaro, and Nissan 370Z in Hot Wheels Batch Q...

It looks like the upcoming Hot Wheels 2014 Batch Q has a theme.  Let's give you a hint:

But we could go deeper than that.  2014 seems to have a theme.  Want another hint?

And that doesn't count the 2014 COPO Camaro, which comes in the same colors, only we don't have an example of either to show.

Was it planned?  Who really knows.  We don't, nor do we care.  White, when done right, can really look stellar on a Hot Wheels car.  Red looks good on anything.  Alas, there isn't a bad-looking model in the group.

So the BMW E36, '68 COPO Camaro, and Nissan 370Z are all showing up together.  Normally we would dedicate a post to each model, but since these are so directly connected as red recolors to each plus all were white before, why not show them together?

Our favorite?  It might surprise you to know it is the COPO Camaro.  The 370Z is great, the E36 nice, but the COPO Camaro has never looked better.  Simple design, great result.

And our favorite of all the red/white combos?  Hard to say, but it would come down to the E30s and the Porsche 993's.  Or the Fiats.  Or the others.  Actually, they all look great.

Your favorite?

Hot Wheels '68 COPO Camaro, BMW E36 M3, and Nissan 370Z (2014 Mainline recolors):


  1. Very coolBMW. The white counterpart was ruined by the black base on the COPO camaro. I also like the 2014 version better. Pretty weird, huh?

  2. Too much leftover red paint after Mattel parted ways with Ferrari. LOL!

  3. red is always great for SCRATCHERS :D Milo