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Friday, August 29, 2014

Lamley Case Report: Opening a Hot Wheels 2014 P Case...

Poor P Case.  It seems that since the contents of the upcoming Q case was unveiled, it has overshadowed everything.  That is what happens when a new Porsche, a new Mustang, and a 510 Wagon Super are all in the same batch.

So as the worldwide Q case is arriving at hobby dealers, so is the US P case.  But does anyone care?

Well, we will find out.  To be honest, it is not the most exciting case.  The Harley Super should have a lot of fans, and there seems to be some buzz surrounding the Ford Transit.  We will let you decide what else is worth having in this case.

But first, as always the P case came from Grana Toys, who wants everyone to know that they still have US Q Cases available for preorder, but you need to act fast.  You can preorder them at the Grana Toys website or at their ebay store:

2014 Hot Wheels Q Case presale

Grana Toys eBay Store

Alright, the Hot Wheels 2014 P Case, as we pull the models 3-by-3.  Enjoy:

The PQF Assortment:


Return of Herbie:

New Model Alert:

New Model Alert:

New Model Alert:

Yep.  Not that exciting.  Not just because there was no Super or Regular TH in the case.  Outside of the Transit, not many other notable New Models.  Add to that no Zamacs in the Walmart assortment, and unfortunately this is one of the more drab assortments of the year.

No matter, Q is coming, and it will more than make up for it...


  1. 2 x Ferrari, Transit, Fiat 500, Beautiful old Corvette, new Corvette and the Pagani, will hopefully (if i ever find them) be coming home with me, the rest... MEH !

    1. If you live in the UK you will find the bulk of this batch at ASDA

  2. That Bone Shaker recolor looks great! I am also in for that Chevelle recolor to de-tampo. Good to see Herbie and the Kenmeri are still being released.

  3. There are a few models that I really like. Namely the F12, LaFerrari, Veneno, Pagani, Fiat 500, Mustang Laguna Seca, Skyline GT-R and Corvette Stingrays. The real surprise for me was the blue C7 Stingray. I wasn't aware of that model and I really like it. But not sure if I like it over the red and grey versions released before. Still, these are the cars that I would be buying provided I find them. TY for the report!