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Friday, September 5, 2014

A bit of a closer look at the 2015 Hot Wheels Toyota AE86 Corolla Super Treasure Hunt...

We are excited about this one.  But that would be no secret would it?

Nonetheless, anything about the AE86 is significant, so we will pass it on.  And in this case, more pics of the Super have emerged, giving us a better idea of how it will look.  And we like it.

While we still are wondering what the obsession with red is on JDM Supers, we have to admit it looks really good.  The deco screams drift, which we cannot argue with, considering the car's heritage.  And black rims always work, which is also a JDM Super must apparently.

The Ferrari 599XX is a favorite Hot Wheels casting, and we are looking forward to that one, but this one can't be surpassed.  For now.  Still 11 Supers to find out about...

1 comment:

  1. Look, another red bit of j-tin super. Good God, hw, don't you have access to any other colors for the sth line that aren't red?!