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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs! Texas Drive 'Em & the rest of Hot Wheels Pop Culture Batch V are now out at Wheel Collectors...

In all honesty, past releases of a Hot Wheels Pop Culture set has gotten us excited exactly one time.  That was a few months ago when the Grateful Dead set was released.

Well make it two.

Wheel Collectors has just let us know that Pop Culture Batch V has just arrived, and yes, it's cool.  While the Grateful Dead set was highlighted by amazing art, this set has great castings and cool art going for it.

General Mills is the theme, and pickups seem to be the models of choice.  And no pickup is more popular than the Texas Drive 'Em, which appears here in Cocoa Puffs livery.  (That sounds funny.)  On top of that, the always popular '62 Chevy Pickup, Ford F150, and Mig Rig have shown up too.  You can find them here:

Hot Wheels Pop Culture Batch V


  1. Why can't Mattel just release 'stock' versions of these great metal castings. The advertising all over them is SO Johnny Lightning 1990s!!!!

    1. Yeah, from that exact awkward period of time before JL was great no less. I think I've yet to purchase any cars of this series...

  2. I'm actually surprised this series has lasted this long, considering it started life as the Nostalgia series way back in... 2011? I mean, I don't see how these could sell well outside the US, since these brands are all but foreign to us, and yet US sales seem to be keeping it going. Sure, some of the models are cool, but I figure collectirs buy these because the nostalgic value of the liveries, considering the lack of success of the same models in other lines. Perhaps Mattel should give up the toy car business altogether and focus on memorabilia instead...