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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hot Wheels Batch Q Kmart Cases are now available online...

Just a quick heads up this Sunday morning that Kmart has just made upcoming September 13th Kday cases available online.  For those of you who don't live near a Kmart, or just want to take your chances on your own case, you can get them here:

Hot Wheels Basic Car 36-Pack KMART EXCLUSIVE

These cases should contain the four Kmart exclusives, three first-to-market 2015 models, as well as 2014 Q case cars.  That means there is a chance you could pull the Datsun 510 Wagon Super TH, but only a chance.  

If you buy a case, we would love to see what you pull.  Share it with us on our Facebook page, or on Instagram, using the tag #thelamleygroup.  We bought a case, and will be sure to do a case report as soon as it arrives.




  1. I'll be getting a case. Found me a datsun wagon super in a Walmart dump bin today. Beautiful car.

  2. Is that Monte a new cast or just a recolor?

  3. I cant wait for the red Aston Martin. The silver one has now arrived in the UK en masse and ive managed to add "one or two" to my collection lol

  4. Still can't find the Datsun wagon anywhere. The Aston Martin, I've got in British racing green but when I see the red ? I'll be pickin' up that one too.

  5. I wonder why Matchbox has completely evaded the shores of India since the beginning of 2014 Why has it so abruptly stopped. No one answers this question of mine. A mystery !

  6. I can't wait to place my hands on the New Beetle (VW) and also the Fiat 500 in either maroon or in white.