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Monday, October 20, 2014

A Lamley Correction: What we should have done with the Hot Wheels Mexico Convention Texas Drive 'Em in the first place...

I was scolded yesterday by my Lamley partner.

Among some normal email correspondence with David Tilley, the UK-based Matchbox-only side of the Lamley Group, I got this:
BTW I saw that blog you did on a model in a blister.  Wuss!  A 5,000 piece run should be opened.  There are loads more.  Now get on with opening that non-Matchbox crud.  Ha ha ha ha!
Tilley likes Matchbox.  Nothing else.  On a rare occasion I can get him to admit a Tomica Limited Vintage is nice, or on a even rarer occasion a Hot Wheels, but he will always qualify that he would never buy one, no matter how nice it is.  I promise that Mattel could put a Tilley logo on a Hot Wheels Porsche 934 (DT loves the 911) and he would pass right by it every time he saw it on the pegs.  That may seem like an exaggeration, but it is 100% true.  Those that know DT can attest.

(Incidentally Mattel has put Tilley's name on a Matchbox model.  Anyone know which one?)

So it was a surprise that DT even acknowledged a Hot Wheels model, but when he sees a non-liberated model, even one from evil blue, he is bound to say something.

That is the other thing about Tilley.  He opens everything.  No matter how rare, no matter how valuable, the packaging doesn't survive.

Anyway, DT is right.  The Lamley Group was founded on the premise that models should be opened. DT also started the Diecast Liberation Movement (DLM), so he felt compelled to give me a little kick in the pants and get me back to Lamley's roots.  So after last week's atrocity, let me offer this correction:

Hot Wheels Texas Drive 'Em (2014 Mexico Convention Exclusive):


  1. That is a sharp piece, not as good as the original RLC, but a close 2nd.

    Nice to see you opened it! All Hot Wheels should be opened, only way to TRUELY enjoy there detail!


  2. Join the DLM, they deserve it

  3. Nice touch to see the FORD lettering under the dropped tailgate. Chris

    ps Which MB is David's name on?

  4. Much better out of the package. I'm guessing the model with David Tilleys name is the gold Ambassador bus.

  5. Love this truck only wish I could find a reasonably priced one. Really don't care what version just like this truck.