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Saturday, October 4, 2014

As is the Custom: Our faves for the month, Part 2...

Our epic run through the many customs we have seen in September continues with Part 2.

Click on "Read more" to see the many cool creations:

@royshakosuka - Instagram.  This is based on Roy's actual '72 Skyline, which we saw at JCCS, and was recently featured on Speedhunters:

@alinhelga - Instagram

@bjorn_ready - Instagram

@minh427 - Instagram

Craig Oesterling

@ponkotu_rider - Instagram

@LH_ART_ - Instagram

Howard Prodigy

Dave Ayala

@towiilopez - Instagram

Camaro Garage


@dies1106 - Instagram

Milky Nitol

@5pudly - Instagram

@maulanasubono - Instagram

@hwc_life - Instagram

Albert Galang

Apis Custom Works

Ronny Raza

@hwman12 - Instagram

Mavanerick (the spare has an embedded magnet to hold it on the model)

@steviesmith1312 - Instagram

Rais Isa

@hwc_sweden - Instagram

@E85customhw - Instagram


  1. Thanks for the inclusion and for including my daughters to. Do I dare say that she's the youngest customizer you've posted?

  2. loved the kids car, its just so simple, thats all it needs, simple and different....

  3. Great work, as always. I especially love all the Porsches. Nice variety, and each one is fantastic.