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Monday, October 27, 2014

First Look: 2015 Hot Wheels Super Van...

I know nothing about this casting, but a lot of you do.  I will keep my mouth shut, show the pics, and anyone who wants can fill in the details in the Lamley comments section below.

Looks nice though...

Hot Wheels Super Van (2015 Mainline):


  1. Pass...... Not my taste...........

  2. This casting is a classic. It represents an era when the van was it's most popular in the US. It's a shame HW didn't go with a licensed model but this is definitely an icon in HW history. It's a model that I first restored just to have in my collection.

  3. My favourite casting...when it's got a metal base...not like this one.
    It looks good though!

  4. I really like it, memories of being a kid

  5. One of my favourite castings too - always on the look out for Super Van errors!