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Friday, October 17, 2014

From the Lamley Tomica Limited Vintage Collection: Seibu Keisatsu Vol. 14 Nissan Cedric 2000 SGL-E EX...

Sometimes I sit in my office and look at the Carney wall displays full of Tomica Limited Vintage and wonder how I can show all the models on the blog.

Obviously it is easy.  Shoot some pictures and post them.  But I also know that many of the cars that TLV does are not universally known.  For every Datsun 510 there is a Mazda Carol.  While some folks may not be interested in the cars that filled the streets of Tokyo in the 70's, these models deserve to be shown.  

But let's be honest, writing ten paragraphs on the significance of the Toyota Publica on Japanese culture can be an arduous task, especially when I just want to show how cool the car is.  We will leave that task to our good and knowledgable friends at Japanese Nostalgic Car.  (Heaven knows we have batted down their door several times for knowledge.)  

I will get in depth on many of these models, but sometimes I just want to post the pics and let you see why Tomica Limited Vintage is my favorite brand to collect.  So look for these "From the Lamley TLV Collection" posts to appear quite frequently, along with other in-depth TLV pieces.  Plus we think seeing more and more of these models will spark a much deeper interest in Japanese autos well beyond 510's and Skylines, like it has to us.  And we will always make sure those models are available at Japan Booster, our favorite TLV seller.

And why not start with the recently-released Nissan Cedric from the Seibu Keisatsu Series.  It is an upgraded model from the standard 4th-generation 330 Cedric, and sits on custom gold lace rims.  Follow the link to find it at Japan Booster:

With the standard Cedric:


  1. This youtube clip features 2 different chase sequences, but in the 2nd chase sequence the bad guy is driving this particular Cedric.

  2. The other car is a 330 model Nissan Gloria.