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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

From the Lamley Tomica Limited Vintage Collection, Wagon Wednesday Edition: TLV Prince Skyway...

The best of both worlds, Wagon Wednesday and the TLV Collection.

There are quite a few Wagons in the Tomica Limited Vintage lineup, and we are pursuing all of them.  For today, we thought we would go way back to the Skyway.

Skyway.  Hmmmmm, sounds a lot like Skyline, doesn't it?  And there is a reason.  The Skyline Sedan was originally launched by the Prince Motor Company (or by what became Prince, and then Nissan) and its Wagon counterpart was the Skyway.   Of course, later the sedans, coupes, and wagons all shared the Skyline name.  So JDM fanboys, don't fret.  It's a Skyline...

This TLV version looks to be the 1960 Skyway, and we have three versions.  A Fire Chief car, one in white, and the most delicious in pink.  And since it is Wagon Wednesday, let's show them all instead of just one.

And you can find them all at Japan Booster (if some are gone now, Japan Booster said they will have more listed later this week.  We will let you know on Facebook)...

Tomica Limited Vintage Prince Skyway:

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